Leveraging the power of digital signage for the realty market can be a daunting task. The investment of both time and capital, can make what should be a successful digital signage programme, crumble from "screen rot".
Starmont's unique Verticals approach to digital signage (Realtor) provides both tools and services for a cost effective transition from old photo copies of inventory on building windows, to a modern dynamic presentation.

Real tools

Unlike other digital signage providers, we don't just tell you "of course you can upload pictures of houses". Starmont provides proper database tools for managing your inventory, independent of screen design. Add, modify and remove your inventory with relative ease. No continual playlist editing is required.


If you already have a website that shows off your property listings, Starmont can help bridge your website and your digital signage through automation. In many instances, we can build a completely hands-off delivery of your inventory direct to your databases and screens.
If you are looking for a more personal touch, Starmont can also provide data entry services to make use of your MLS listings. Fully managed by Starmont.

Design included

Starmont will build your screen designs and templates following your brand and vision.
From single screen installations, to the most complex multiple location franchises, our project management capabilities can greatly simplify the process for an easy roll-out.
Wall mounted displays. Window displays. Free standing displays. Kiosks. Mobile client-facing tablets. We have a wide range of products to satisfy your unique requirements.