Starmont Verticals


Digital Signage, kiosk and way finding solutions have become a cornerstone in today's world of communications. Providing the ability to instantly update content remotely makes digital signage a very attractive solution for many organizations.
  • Change and update content at a moments notice
  • Improved communication incorporating animation, video and audio
  • Have content and messages play at certain times of day
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased check averages and higher sales of promoted items
  • Add limited time offers and promotions quickly and with little cost
  • Improved employee training when used as a training tool in the "off hours"
  • Removes communication breakdown between the establishment and the patrons
  • Integrates easily with online promotional tools and mobile applications
  • Modernizes and updates the image of the establishment
  • Provides a consistent and synergetic relationship to retail online activities improving brand consistency
  • Allows for low cost and simple compliance with existing and future nutritional labeling laws
  • Ability to integrate data as content and also use data to drive content
Starmont Media Services provides an integrated group of digital signage products and services that can be tailored to meet any organization's budget and requirements. Using our knowledge and experience ensures clients receive the highest standards in hardware and software solutions, design, installation, service and support.