Starmont Verticals


  • SSL only, using RSA 2048 bit keys (Qualys "A" Rating)
  • Sandboxed user accounts
  • Permission based sub users with default limited access
  • Internal weekly security patch assessment
  • Real time break-in attempt monitors and alerts
  • ClamAV real-time scanning of all user posted materials
  • Starmont servers do not use PHP, CGI or any frameworks or toolkits that could introduce vulnerabilities to our infrastructure

Media players

  • Embedded systems built without any user tools (desktops, user applications, application "stores" and shells)
  • Time tested hardened OS kernels (not bleeding edge)
  • No non-essential applications, tools or "listeners"
  • Unrecognized application and service access alerts
  • Media asset transfers are pulled from Starmont servers. No inbound port mapping is required.
  • Automated software updates; transparent to the user
  • No Adobe Flash